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Piper's Peak at Maryland Fly Fishing & Collectable Tackle Show 2023

Getting More Women & Girls Outdoors

America’s greatest resource is still the great outdoors. So why aren’t more women and girls enjoying it?

Despite more female anglers than ever before (37% of all U.S. anglers), many women still express facing barriers to entry in the great outdoors. Women across a range of studies expressed the challenges they face:

Ultimately, what’s holding more women and girls from enjoying the outdoors is a lack of existing outdoorswomen. Female guides and their allies provide safe spaces for women and girls who are new to the outdoors to feel welcomed, comfortable and ready to explore.

More outdoorswomen means more opportunities to usher women and girls into the field who will go on to play larger roles in the decisions impacting how our greatest resource is enjoyed and how its conservancy is managed and protected for future generations.

Join Piper's Peak at the Maryland Fly Fishing & Collectable Tackle Show as Piper’s Peak inspires the next generation of outdoorswomen.

Piper’s Peak inspires young women to connect with nature through wilderness-education adventures. We are a nonprofit organization that provides a safe space for women to grow their wilderness skills through introductory courses and follow-on field opportunities.

Inspired by the life of our friend, sister, and daughter Piper Reed—a personal trainer, firefighter, forestry technician, and Idaho guide—Piper's Peak teaches young women to be stewards of the land through hunting, fishing, and wilderness interaction. Piper’s love of the Wood River Valley in Sun Valley, Idaho and fearless spirit for adventure acts as a guiding light for all of our events and activities.

Let’s Work Together – We’re always looking for volunteers and guides to assist with fly-fishing and sporting clinics, as well as outfitters willing to donate or discount gear and equipment for clinics. If you’re interested in helping the next generation of young women experience tranquility and adventure in the outdoors, please contact us at or fill out our contact form on our website.

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