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National Women's History Month

In observance of National Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you to a woman who left a lasting mark on our hearts at Piper's Peak. Piper Reed.

Piper, the namesake of our organization, is truly an inspiring woman. She lived confidently and worked diligently for her lifestyle, which included a lot of outdoor play, socializing and travel. A member of the U.S. Air Force and graduate of Boise State University, she spent her life growing roots in the Wood River Valley. Many knew her from frequenting Enoteca and the Sawtooth Brewery, where she’d serve you with a smile and some sass. Some noticed her discipline, grit and dog on display at High Altitude Fitness where she was a personal trainer. And a few worked closely with her as a Ketchum firefighter and as a forestry technician for the U.S. Forest Service. She skied, hunted, and fished around Sun Valley, Idaho to her heart’s content with her trusted k-9 companion, a golden retriever named Remington, Remi for short.

Tragically, on a beautiful sunny morning in May of 2019, as Piper was headed to work, a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction abruptly crossed the center line from its lane of travel, hitting Piper’s truck head-on. Piper, along with the two occupants of the other vehicle, died shortly thereafter. Remi, in the truck with her, was also killed.

Piper is our daughter, our sister, and our best friend who we honor every day through Piper’s Peak. Even though she cannot be here to guide and mentor young women to become confident, independent leaders who love and care for themselves and the environment around them, we carry on her spirit and legacy.

Piper was posthumously awarded an Idaho Guide’s License and provided full Firefighter Honors at her Celebration of Life. The outpouring of love for her is what has truly inspired us to start this organization, to bring life to her indelible spirit and will, and to continue to touch the lives of those around us with betterment in the way that Piper lived her life every day.

Piper’s Peak is here to change the status quo, creating a space where women are welcomed by other outdoorswomen who reduce the intimidation and cultural barriers to enhancing wilderness skills. Come join us!

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