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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day and what luck we've had on our last few walks. Thank you, Mother Earth, for these blessings.

Funny story...I thought that four leaf clover were like unicorns, not real, until I was 30 because I'd never seen or found one. Now I have a book of all the ones I've found since least one for every year I've lived now.

We have to have the belief of the achievement in mind to succeed.

I hadn't tried to find four leaf clovers very hard in my first 30 years. But as I realized they were real and started looking, I slowly started to find them. One here and there over the course of many years. Then one summer a few years ago I found about 15 in three months. I was hooked. Ever since then no matter where I walk, I keep an eye out for them and boom, there one will be.

Keeping in mind the success we aim to achieve with Piper's Peak, we had in mind a fly fishing education adventure. And boom! 5 students were immediately ready for our first offering.

Keep an eye out for four leaf clovers and posts to come about our first education-adventure offering happening in May!!!!

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