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Why I Give During Idaho Gives 2023

I support Piper’s Peak during Idaho Gives because of my daughter, Piper. In her absence I needed to make a difference and to honor her legacy. I decided to make that difference by influencing the community around me in the way that she did by volunteering and supporting Piper’s Peak.

As an avid outdoorswoman Piper was always looking to bring other women along; providing her knowledge willingly and without reserve. She created a safe space for others to learn and love the outdoors, growing skills and confidence together. Piper’s Peak is in alignment with my values and allows me to give back to the community while honoring my daughter. It is for this reason I dedicate my time, energy and support to Piper’s Peak.

Idaho Gives 2023 is almost over and we need your support. Please check out the donation link. Thank you!

Deborah Reed, Vice President, Piper’s Peak

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